Instructions===> You may agree or disagree with the post below regarding the irrational beliefs. Use critical thinking skills to justify your position. Must be 250 words and Please cite your sources.


Post you are to reply to===> After reading through page 121, about Albert Ellis and his theory of rational believes, I have concluded that I am a victim of irrational thinking and irrational beliefs. One of the belief that I tend to lean towards is feeling the need to be in control of situations that are out of my control. It is damaging to my situational awareness and enjoyment of what I am doing because it gets in the way of me relaxing in my environment (Boss, 2017).

It seems that the common element between irrational beliefs is a negative outcome of the situation you are thinking about. After all, irrational beliefs will result in disappointment and likely will lead to a negative outcomes as stated (Boss, 2017).

Irrational beliefs and fallacies go hand-in-hand because they both allow the person living or believing the fallacy or belief to have a illogical and irrational thoughts and desires. Both fallacies and irrational beliefs result in disappointment and negative outcomes.

I believe it is common for all of us to have a irrational believes and fallacies that we struggle with day-to-day. One of the ways fallacies and irrational beliefs affect a persons psychological state is by setting up unrealistic expectations that cannot be met which lead to depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness. By believing irrational beliefs, people subject themselves to unrealistic goals and outcomes for their life. These psychological states that are a result of irrational beliefs can cause damage to relationships, life goals, and careers.

I have seen irrational beliefs affect a lot of people around me in many different ways. One way that stands out is irrational beliefs about social situations and relationships. By believing irrational thoughts about these two things, I have witnessed many people self sabotage their own relationships and social well-being because of their anxiety and irrational thoughts about though.


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