Written Assignment 2

This written assignment builds upon the work presented in Written Assignment 1. It provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to integrate your academic understanding as covered in this course into effective and evidence-based care for a person requiring acute care in an in-patient environment.

When preparing this assignment, please insert the formulation developed for Written Assignment 1 at the commencement of the paper (this is not included in the word count).

This assignment requires you to present:

· The plan of care that you have developed for the person considering:

 – the environment in which the person is cared for

 – the priorities for care

– psycho-social aspects of care

– specific nursing interventions

– and biological treatments


· Provide a critical review of the experience of care:

 – From the perspective of both the person and yourself as a nurse

– And of the outcomes of care


 NB: This will require that you discuss with the person their experience of mental health acute care as well as reflect upon your own and perhaps other’s experience of providing care in this environment.

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