WRITING ASSIGNMENT – Problem Statement & Research Objectives

Write a paper of approximately 750 words based on your topic research and preliminary literature review, that answers the following:

  • Problem Statement
    • Revised/refine the preliminary problem statement from the Week 1 assignment.  This will be the problem statement for your final project.


  • Based on the research you conducted on your topic in Week 1, write a brief history and/or context of the problem, including why this is a problem and the consequences of the problem.


  • Research Objectives
    • Develop and explain at least two preliminary research objectives and how you plan to apply the methods of scientific inquiry to your research topic.


  • Describe how you plan to apply ethical guidelines and standards when writing your research proposal for your final project.


  • Develop at least one preliminary hypothesis statement.

References – Include a minimum of two additional sources (not used in Writing Assignment #1).  – Note:  Assignment #1 required 5 References.


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