Organizational Communication 1a. Reflect on your own communication competence. In what areas are you weak? How can you address your weaknesses and build a strong communication competence? 200 words 1b. culture plays a significant role in communication. In other words, how we communicate depends on our own culture and the culture of the person with whom we are communicating. share your observations about your results. Were they what you expected? Identify your biggest challenge in dealing with cross-cultural communication. Then develop content-rich responses. 200 words 1c. Select a country with a name starting with the first letter of your first (R). Try not to duplicate countries. First come, first served. You may reserve a country by posting a response with a country name in the subject line and then come back and edit it later. for example: Canada. Develop your cogent thoughts about the communication practices in that county and demonstrate what you have learned about organizational communication styles for the country you selected. 200 words. 2a. With this activity you will analyze a TED talk – First, select a “talk” (aka presentation or speech) that interests you from the 1,100 TED Talks (ranging in length from 3 to 18 minutes). FYI: TED Talks was selected because each speech video should have enough depth or substance, and video quality to allow close viewing and analysis. Second, review chapters 10, 11 and 12 of your text. Third, listen to the presentation several times, looking deeply at how the individual uses non-verbal communication, composes sentences, and organizes thoughts, etc. Pay particular attention to the following areas: Purpose: General and specific purpose (and implied if different from stated purpose) Non-verbal delivery Movement in Your Speech Visual Aids Strategies for Success Pathos: tone, emphasis, engagement Logos: clarity, conciseness, arrangement Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference Style Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos) Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery) Use of language, word choices (diction) Passive or active voice Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences Oral strategies and tactics Music Volume Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis) Other sound effects Four, report on all 5 of the areas above, Be sure to include a hyperlink so we can view the presentation you opted to share with us 200 words. 3a. Think of a situation in your job in which you need to communicate a negative message. Develop a written message that states the message clearly. Describe how you would present the negative message in person Draw on the four parts of a negative message reviewed in the text: (1) Buffer or cushion, (2) Explanation, (3) Negative News, and (4) Redirect 200 or more words. 3b. A customer reported finding a severed human fingertip in soup purchased from Fast Food Restaurants, Inc. The soup and sandwich package was purchased at a Fast Food Restaurant as a take out order. Your company has several quality controls in place to prevent accidents like this. Local law enforcement is investigating. The customer has taken pictures and posted them all over the Web, and made both libelous and slanderous comments against your company in media interviews and blogs. The customer has never been an employee of Fast Food Restaurants or its affiliates. You represent Fast Food Restaurants, Inc.,what will you do ? 200 or more words 4a. Think of a problem encountered in the past by a group of which you are a member. What type of group was it? At what stage was the group in terms of its development? How did the group communicate to solve the problem? In view of the seven-step framework, which steps did the group utilize? Would following the full seven-step framework have been helpful? 200 words.

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