can somebody type me a 575-650 word essay over George Washington’s farewell? 

assignment instructions: The fledgling U.S. republic faced sobering realities as its greatest hero, George Washington, prepared to retire from the presidency. Under immense pressure from Britain and France to choose a side in their ongoing struggles and with partisanship at home threatening to undermine respect and cooperation between political opponents, it was unclear that this experiment in republicanism could execute a peaceful transfer of power.

Read George Washington’s Farewell Address and explore its recommendations for the American people. Consider the threats that Washington perceived and the standards of national and personal conduct that he advocated to meet these challenges. Assess how the lack of U.S. military might and longstanding institutions contributed to the uncertainty of this moment in history.

Write an essay in which you summarize the meaning of Washington’s Farewell Address and explain its historical significance. Use evidence in your essay to support your ideas.

To help ensure the auto-feedback system will function properly, your response must contain a minimum of 575-650words and a maximum of , though individual prompts or your instructor may provide a more precise target range for word count. Your response will be automatically reviewed by the system, and you will receive your grade after your instructor reviews and returns the scores. Your response should not contain in-text parenthetical citations or other special headers or formatting.


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