Write a short essay (700 words minimum) comparing the ethnographic and archaeological records of Oregon that includes the following:

*Please read the Molala -Zenk& Rigsby and the lecture video to answer following questions.

1) Describe at least 2 specific types of artifacts, features, ecofacts, site types, and/or other aspects of these cultures you would expect to preserve and not preserve in the archaeological record.

2) After generating these predictions, compare your expectations with what is known about the archaeological record of the culture area you choose (using material from the lectures and textbook chapters).

3) Critically discuss the correspondence between the ethnographic and archaeological records, some limitations of the archaeological record, and the use of ethnographic data for helping us understanding and interpret the archaeological past.

*You must include both in-text citations and a bibliography for all sources you reference, including lecture material. You will be graded on writing quality, so be sure to check spelling, grammar, and sentence clarity.

*lecture video (narrator speaking version) this version provide more detail. instructor will record the sounds while teaching. I’m not sure if you can access this link but if not I also attached the regular slide for you.


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