Write a rhetorical analysis of two environmental campaigns (No Impact Man and one

from China) that both address the same specific element of human’s impact on the

environment. Issues you might focus on include the local food movement, shopping

secondhand, plastics, pollution, going car-free, zero-waste, offsetting your carbon

footprint, etc.

Do not attempt to write a broad essay about the environment or climate change.

Instead, find a focus (like one chapter of Beavan’s book compared to a focused political

speech or poster in your home country) to analyze the persuasiveness of each

campaign. It’s ok to teach your reader about a specific environmental issue in your

home country, as long as you can find a way to compare this to either Beavan’s book .

The goal of the essay is to analyze the way the parts of the campaign work to deliver

the author’s message, not to persuade your reader to agree with your stance on the


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