Write a policy memo in case to solve the population structure problems (as Aging population is a worldwide phenomenon)  For example: make a policy to increase fertility encourage young immigrants…

Policy memos are documents that provide policymakers with information they need to make decisions. It aims to break down complex issues into essential facts, evaluate alternative courses of action, and provide recommendations for action. In general, policy memos should focus on policy recommendations and they should be organized as follows:

– Statement of topic with a brief (no more than one sentence) statement of the central policy recommendation

– Brief but comprehensive overview of the issue

– Overview of the array of possible policies or discussions

– Pros and cons of possible policies or discussions

– Recommended policy

– Arguments about why this policy should be adopted

A good policy memo focuses the reader’s attention at all times and starts off with a clear statement of the topic with a brief summary of the recommended policy position. The memo is neither a list of unconnected points nor a piece of advocacy that argues for only one side of an issue without acknowledging its limitations or liabilities. Stick with the information and analysis useful to your audience and end conclusively. The policy memos should be simple, clear, easy to read, and appropriate in length (3 pages maximum). Presentation should follow the general convention of memo with headings for sub-sections and bullet points for a list of items. Do not include footnotes or bibliography and reference the source in the text.

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