Write a critique of ‘the communicative approach’ in ELT and its various interpretations. Is a form of communicative approach appropriate for your teaching context? If yes, which and why? If no, why not, and which approach would you use instead?
Assessment focus: you will be expected to cover, inter alia, the following:
• a review of what is meant by ‘communication’ and ‘communicative competence’;
• a critical review of what is meant by ‘the communicative approach’ and its different interpretations;
• a description of your teaching context and the communicative needs of your learners;
• a critical appraisal of the extent to which a form of the ‘communicative approach’ may
be applicable to your teaching context;
• or suggestions for an alternative approach, with rationale.

– I have included the previous paper you wrote for me and feedback. You can start from there.
– File 6-10 refer to my teaching context, which is one major part of the essay.
– I will constantly update with files that I hope you can include in my paper.
– I also included my reference style guide (File 0)

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