– Write a commentary on the passage of “The Jade Peony” that is attached – Use at least 15 quotes that justify your argument of why the author is doing what it’s doing – Each paragraph can be of a literary device: such as how the author uses diction in this passage, how she uses symbolism (only one symbol), how she uses imagery, etc. All of this has to refer back to a concept. For example “the author utilizes, setting, plot development, symbolism, and conflicting tones to characterize David and depict the themes of motivation and emotional isolationism” Do not use that thesis as it’s from another commentary. Be sure to answer, while writing the commentary what do you understand of the characters and the situation in this passage? As well as How does the writer effectively convey the context and the feelings of the narrating voice? – Use the rubric attached to make sure it scores a 5 in each column (3 picture attached)

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