Write a 3-4 page paper discussing the response of legislators to a proposed gubernatorial change in policy towards the state’s natural resources based on the following scenario:Governor Goode E. Nuff was elected on a platform that promised greater protection for the state of her state’s natural resources, including a bay with diverse habitat supporting bountiful fish and shellfish.Over the past decade, developers have been changing the shores of her state’ bay turning what was once the source of a vital and productive fishery into a haven for large homes and resorts that take advantage of the beautiful water view.The Governor is dedicated to changing the bureaucracy and the state legislature, which have tended toward favoring developers in the past, with an eye to focusing their efforts on policies more in line with the views and priorities of those citizens who voted her into office.To that end, she has decided to include in her legislative agenda a major push to accomplish the realignment, during the third year of her four-year term.This agenda includes:

A proposal to give citizen groups greater power to challenge new development based on evidence of it having an adverse impact on the environment

A reorganization of the agency responsible for protecting her state’s bay with the creation of a new enforcement policy empowering the state to bring civil suits for money damages against industrial and developmental polluters

Empowering citizen groups to intervene in county zoning decisions that would encroach upon naturally open space in environmentally sensitive areas

A substantial budget increase for the environmental enforcement agency to for the hiring of 100 additional inspectors to monitor for violations and ensure adherence to state standards for environmental protection. This legislative program requires a 14% budget increase for that agency, an amount 10% above the average 4% increase for all other state agencies.

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