In each essay assignment, please read all documents and choose one of the sets of primary documents assigned and write a minimum 450 word essay, answering these questions about the documents you chose. In all subject matter of the following paragraphs, compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the two documents you have chosen through elements such as time periods; cultures of the subjects; backgrounds of the authors; intended audience for the document; political and/or economic conditions; religion and church institutions; geography and the dynamics of place.

1. (4 pts) Paragraph #1 = From whom did these documents originate? – where? – when? –and why? Compare and contrast the similarites and differences of their origins and intent.
2. (4 pts) Paragraph #2 = How do these documents fit into the cause and effect cycle of history? How are their contexts similar and how are they different?
3. (4 pts) Paragraph #3 = How do these documents further your understanding of the historical era  from which they came? What impressed you about their similarities and/or differences?
4. (3 pts) Please quote 2 short passages, 1 from each of the documents in any 2 of the 3 paragraphs above as supportive context for your essay.
Please follow this rubric for formating your essay into the 3 designated paragraphs.

these are the two articles, please read instructions carefully.
1. http://classics.mit.edu/Homer/iliad.6.vi.html
The Illiad by Homer Book VI (800 bce) Greek
The Aenid by Virgil, Bk I (1st C, BCE) Roman

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