Workplace Conflict
I worked as an employee of a medical facility; as a result, I was responsible for maintaining Medical Records as well as assisting the receptionist at the front desk.

I enjoyed my position as an employee of the medical organization, however; there was an employee named Christina, who worked in the check/out department, who for some unknown reason, Christina had total animosity toward me. I started to notice that everything I did on the job was documented and reported to my immediate supervisor, for example,

The Conflict Part I: I had the privilege of working in an office with a Physician, who was barely in the office, (as a result of attending to patients in the office) that gave me an opportunity to have the door closed, radio on in a low volume, and complete the tasks that were assigned. Underlying problem or difference: Task and Relationship
Christina immediately called my supervisor and told her that I was working with the door closed. Later, that afternoon my immediate supervisor told me that she would prefer it if I left the door open.
Sides: Chosen Employee 1 Myself Employee 2 Christina Employee 3 Supervisor

This would not have been a problem if my supervisor would have said something to me before about whether or not I could leave the door opened or closed, after all she told me in a previous conversation that it was alright to leave the door opened as long as the physician I shared an office with did not mind. Before Christina called my supervisor regarding the door being closed she felt the need to invade my work area, such as eating on my desk when I was not around, and leaving her lunch tray on my table, tearing off the back of the seat of the chair and putting it on top of the chair. Unfortunately, on many occasions Christina fabricated the truth to the physicians stating I was misfiling in hopes of terminating my position. Once, the physicians were informed of my alleged misfiling by Christina they reported this information to my supervisor. Part II Face-to-Face Communication:

My supervisor then chose to have a word with me about what she has been hearing. I informed her that I was not misfiling and that other employees have access to the charts, and once other employees pull the charts out, they do not pay attention to where they put the charts when they are finished, resulting in misfiling. The list goes on as to the lengths Christina would sink to, to sabotage my employment.

One-day I went to work and the mood was dismal; I think some undermining activity was afoot. I walked into the office with a smile on my face, determined to make the best of a bad situation. Cooperative Approach: From the moment I got to my work area, Christina, was practically trying to order me to look for missing charts (keep in mind, she and I work in two entirely different departments, I am responsible for patients entering the office, and Christina is responsible for patients exiting the office). I found a couple of charts for her, to comply, although Christina is not my supervisor. I wanted to keep the peace. I do not avoid conflict, but I also do not want to increase tension between co-workers.

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