Revisionist History:

Listen to the Podcast by Malcom Gladwell, titled, “Miss Buchanan’s Period Of Adjustment (Links to an external site.)”. Listen to it very carefully. When you are finished, think about the messages the Gladwell wants you to take away from the story(ies). How does this connect to the ideas that you have noted in your Take-Aways? Write a thoughtful response to the following (and any other) questions:

  • Why is it important for us to look at historical events with different lenses (than we have to date)?
  • What does it mean to our constructed narratives when we do?
  • How does your vision of “things I know to be true in the past” change when you’re given new insights and stories? What changes? How does it change?
  • How will you use these ideas moving forward in the course?
  • How does this idea of “knowing” history show up in the readings for the course so far (cite a specific example)

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