Countering False Information on Social Media.The Internet has provided a platform to any person or group that wants to express opinion, some of it purportedly based on fact. We have seen that many so called facts are not, and can be extremely harmful and dangerous. Is there an ethical way to separate true facts from false facts, either automatically by AI or with human assistance?


This is a group research and I’m working on Political side of Fake news. My focus is on this example: Do Latvians really read more Hitler than Harry Potter?


The article should have these parts:

Introduction and Problem Statement


Specific examples


Reason of fake news, why it happens, where does it come from?


Why is it dangerous? Why it relate to people, what are the negative effects of fake news? Dangerous and harmful. Analysis


Technical solution


Non-technical solution

Why does it work? Why it does not work


It should be at least 1750 words


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