Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky created the Theory Manufacturing Consent that refers to filters in the Media. Use your textbook and notes to describe the following aspects of the filters within Canadian context. Your answers must include the following: 

1) Media Ownership

· Who owns and who governs the media in Canada? List five media giants in Canada 

· Define, describe and explain media conglomeration in Canada and the relationship between the conglomeration and the five giants and media convergence

· Explain media ownership in Canada from a functionalist point of view

2) Advertisement

· Explain the relationship between media sourcing, media imperialism and advertisement in Canadian media.

· Explain media advertisement in Canada from a Conflict point of view

3) Complicity 

· Explain media complicity in Canada from the Symbolic Interactionist viewpoint with reference to social construction 

4) Flak

Explain the role of FLAK in Canadian media from a Post- Modern Viewpoint

5) Write a minimum of 75 words in which you explain the work of the Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan

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