Note: Please review the 2nd attachment as a guide it is the title for the research project (The Lack of Rehabilitation Services in the federal correctional system and how these services would ultimately improve recidivism rates  Assignment # 2 Internal and External Stakeholders will become a part of the research project.  Do not copy any of the material in the paper or use the same references……… (Please include some data in this assignment on recidivism rates in the correctional system.

Assignment #2: Internal and External Stakeholders

Prepare a (4) page paper that covers the questions below related to stakeholders:


1.  Who are all the internal and external stakeholders and how have they influenced the situation in a positive and/or negative way? (This answer must be substantive and include research)


2.  How will you consider stakeholders in your solution to the problem?


3.  How will you motivate individuals to “buy into your solution,” in other words, what is your argument as to why this solution or remedy will work?


All Assignments MUST include the question you are answering of the assignment first and then your answer below to that question and APA formatting of the assignment and citation rules must be followed.  NO ABSTRACT IS REQUIRED.


Failure to follow this format above for your assignment will result in a zero grade for this assignment until it is submitted in the proper format and then the late policy will be applied!!!


This paper must adhere to APA style standards including the following:  This paper must adhere to APA style standards including the following: Cover page, proper header and page numbers, double space, 1” margins, in text citation references, and a reference page that includes at least two (2) quality resources.  No newspaper, news websites, dictionary, lawyer websites, etc. are acceptable unless you are finding statistical information – and then your information must be accurate and not opinion. NO WIKIPEDIA!!

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