In the first paragraph of your personal statement you should talk about who you are and what are you passionate about. You can also talk about where you were born and raised, what sort of education you have received in primary, secondary and high schools and mention about any academic achievements that you may have achieved. You can also talk about your family and family’s back ground, what your parents and siblings do etc.

In the second paragraph you can talk about your non-academic life and achievements. You can mention any work experience or internships that you may have done. You may also talk about the sports you play and highlight any achievements you may have had. You can also talk about various clubs and societies that you have been part of at school and can also mention about your other hobbies and interests. You can also mention any volunteering or charity or social work that you may have done.

In the last paragraph, you must talk about your interest and passion for business. What are your career goals? Why do you want to come to Hult and how coming to Hult would help you in achieving your career goals. You should also mention why you should be accepted to the school? and what will you bring to Hult and to your class ?

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