Directions: WRITE AN Argumentative/Persuasive Essay in which you argue either for or against the elimination of junk food on college campuses. You must complete the prewriting worksheet. (WILL ATTACH THE FILL) In addition, you must use 2-4 academic journal sources from the approved sources folder in Blackboard.

Important: no abstract!!!

—Proper APA 6th edition formatting (with title page and properly formatted running head)
—Times New Roman 12 pt. font; typed and double-spaced
—Minimum of 5 pages (1 title page, 3 full pages of text, and 1 references page)
—5 paragraphs (paragraph #4 must address the opposition and then refute their claims)
—Minimum of 8 sentences per paragraph
—Four to six in-text citations (combination of short direct quotes and paraphrasing)
—Third-person point of view only
—Two to four scholarly sources used (must be peer reviewed academic journals from the approved sources in the attached file called SOURCES) 
—Good title

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