Using concepts learned in this course (US public policy), students are required to complete a semester-length paper project that investigates the politics of policymaking for a particular issue.  


Topic: Illegal immigration 



Part 1. When and how did the issue solution reach the agenda?  (consider: venue shopping, triggering effect – public attention, policy entrepreneur, media)  

Part 2. How have advocates on each side frame the issue?

Part 3. How would you describe the level of recent policy change in this area? That is, has it been blocked, incremental, large-scale or some other pattern? What evidence is there for this pattern?

Part 4. What actors and forces have facilitated or hindered change in public policy on this issue? Why have they sought to facilitate or hinder efforts towards policy change?


Please organize your paper according to these four parts, using them as the main headings and addressing them in the sequence outlined above.


– paper length (8-10 pages), without works cited. 

– there is no minimum requirement for sources



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