•  What would you say are the most negative impacts from technologies in the 21st century so far? Do you see ways that particular technologies need to be viewed/handled differently in the future so that they don’t come to threaten the future in some way, or are you confident that, when it comes to newer technologies, people will default to using them in a good and moral way in essence?


There’s certainly a strong anti-globalization movement found across the world today, but given your view there aren’t many positives to find about globalization, do you think it’s possible to roll back changes made due to globalization, or is it more an inevitable reality that one must cope with the best that they can?



Here is my view for globalization 

Globalization has been an ongoing effect throughout the world for many years now but society did not really start to recognize it until after the Cold War.  I think this issue has both positive and negative factors. I find that dependent upon how one researches globalization through the internet the results are tremendously different.  

Economists, scientists, innovators along with some others view globalization with more positives than negatives whereas social issues bring about more negatives than positives.  Regardless, there has been ongoing debates on whether globalization is a good or bad thing and it is a certainty that it is occurring and will continue to occur (Collins, 2015). There are many negative factors that come to mind instantly when I think of globalization and the effects that it is having on both local and global levels.  The main issues that I think of is terrorism, diseases and the economy. 

I believe that globalization makes it easier for those that want to do harm to travel throughout the world freely or through the disguise of a refugee.  A local example would be the attack on the United States on 9/11 when terrorist flew two planes into the twin towers in New York (Goff, 2012). These terrorist were able to travel in and out of the country freely.  An example that I would classify as both locally and globally would be the terrorist attacks in Europe by refugees.  

There currently is not an effective system to verify exactly who these individuals are, where they are coming from and if they have any ties to a terrorist organization.  “Due to the loose screening, lax counter-terrorism policies and lenient treatment of those with terrorist links or sympathies has led to a spate of attacks by terrorist already flagged by authorities” (Weinthal, 2016). 

Other factors that I believe to be negatives is the possibility of the transmission of diseases such as Ebola and the Zika virus.  With some diseases there are not any symptoms in the carrier for days though they are still contagious. This not only has a local effect but also a global effect. 

The economy is a big issue in my opinion. So many companies have become multinational corporations which has caused a major loss of manufacturing and customer service jobs here in the United States. There have been several people that have lost their jobs due to corporations moving or outsourcing to other countries.  

I do not find many positive factors to globalization.  One that I can think of would be the technological advancements of the internet, not only for business purposes but also for social purposes.  It allows people from around the world to attend an online university whereas they may not be able to afford the traditional brick and mortar from.  Throughout this advancement people of different nationalities and cultures have become friends and allows all of us to learn about others.  

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