A minimum of 200 words is required, and they must be your own words.  Including figures and quotes is value-added, but they will not count against your 200 word requirement.


Discussion Question 1:


You work in the IT department at Trek Bikes.  Your remote sales team currently VPN in to the corporate office via a legacy 3rd party VPN client and a legacy hardware appliance.  The VPN appliance rarely works and is out of vendor support.  Give the issues with the appliance and the huge number of complaints that IT receives, you want to recommend a new remote access solution.


Your server environment is Windows Server 2016 and you have licenses available for additional server(s) if needed.  All of the sales team have laptops running Windows 10.  You need to send the company’s CTO your recommendation as soon as possible. 


You may want to include some or all of the following:


  • What would you propose as a new remote access solution?  DirectAccess?
  • What would be the benefits of the new system? 
  • What would you need to install and/or configure to make this project happen?


Discussion Question 1:


This week we discussed Fault Tolerance. The Distributed File System is only one example of Fault Tolerance. Find some other technologies from Microsoft or other vendors that help protect data. End your discussion with justifying to your manager why the company can benefit from such a (likely expensive) purchase. What is the cost and can you justify it?




Discussion Question 2:


Your CEO has decided to open a small remote office in St. Thomas for its sales and support staff based in the Caribbean region.  The bandwidth available at this new location is minimal.  Internet connectivity is also unreliable at times, specifically during hurricane season.  Even with these challenges, the CEO wants the Caribbean staff to always have quick access to the organization’s sales and technical documents.  This represents hundreds of gigabytes worth of whitepapers and technical handbooks.  These documents are typically created at the main office in Washington, DC.


Your CEO is not very technical, but they read an article that said either DFS or BranchCache (hosted or distributed mode) could be a viable solution.  They would like a list of pros and cons for each solution as well as your recommended solution for the organization.


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