In this assignment, you are asked to choose a specific domain (e.g., urban transportation, urban governance, urban crime and security, urban energy, etc.) and write an essay, detailing the technological and methodological developments that underpin relevant applications. To help you understand the objective of this assignment, 


I list a few sample questions that are worth investigating: 


• What types of novel datasets, methodologies and approaches are being used to quantify the jobhousing relationship in cities? 


• What are some of the emerging techniques for mapping urban crime? What analyses have been performed to understand crime activities in cities? What are some of the intervention or mitigation strategies? 


• How does artificial intelligence (AI) help us better understand the urban physical environment? 


• What are some of the data and methodological advancements for understanding socioeconomic inequality (or segregation) in cities? 


• How are new techniques and ideas being adopted to address issues of aging population in cities?


 • What are some of the novel methodologies and approaches for mapping urban pollution or soundscape? 


Please come up with your own question(s) and layout a thorough literature review and discussion on what techniques and methodologies have been used to address these questions, what types of data they use (if any), and what are the key findings. 


You are asked to submit an essay (around 3,000 words excluding references) with the following suggested structure: 


• Introduction: Brief description of the background of the application domain or research question(s) you aim to pursue; 


• Literature Review: A thorough literature review on methodological and technological advancements of the proposed area; 


• Discussion: Your reflections and discussions, e.g., what are the pros and cons of different approaches? What are some of the possible future work? • Appendices (if any) 


• References: minimum 20 references 

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