In CLA1 you identified a strategy. Now it is time to execute your strategy so that organizational goals are attained. You also identified some competitive forces that may work against you; in your implementation, this must be taken into consideration.


Answer the following questions:


  • What will you do to execute your chosen strategy?
  • What roles will management play in the execution and implementation of your strategy to strengthen the company’s competitive position?
  • So, the people within the organization are crucial when implementing and executing strategy. Your strategic plan may have been to compete more heavily in any of the following areas: low cost leadership, differentiation, focused, or quality.
  • Depending on what your strategic approach, what kind of qualities will you look for in employees that will ensure the success of your strategy?
  • What type of characteristics, traits, etc. must they possess?
  • How will you train them?
  • At the end of strategic implementation, you should have strengthened your company’s competitive position. What will you do as director to continue to increase your company’s strategic position?
  • Would you stay on the offensive, defensive, stay in problem-solving mode, delve into the creative and innovative?
  • Provide reasoning for your discussion.


You should develop an APA-formatted paper, 3-5 pages in length explaining what strategy you would select and how you would execute the strategy.

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