Please first read the case in "Case Study.pdf" and answer the questions. I have also borrowed an assignment from another student, please follow the method of how I have answer but you do not answer the question in your way with rationale. 4000 words total. CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1) With reference to the MOLEX case study, provide two examples which clearly illustrates 'a link' between two theoretical concepts drawn from two distinct pre- requisite or previous modules you have undertaken. 2) What multinational strategy is Molex pursuing? A multi-domestic strategy? An international strategy? A global strategy? Or a transnational strategy? Please provide a rationale for your selection.borrow an assignment from other student, please follow the method of how he answer but (Do not copy and paste from there), you may answer the question in your way with rationale. 4000 words total. 

Does this strategy make sense for Molex within the business environment in which they operate? How does this compare with the strategies followed by their nearest competitors?
3) Through your own research on Molex, identify appropriate performance indicators both financial and non financial. Once you have gathered relevant data on these, undertake the performance analysis of the company over the period 2010-2013. What does the analysis tell you about the success or otherwise of the strategy adopted by the company?
4) From an International Human Resource Management perspective what Molex's staffing strategy appears to be following? Is this appropriate given its multinational strategy? What can be learned from Molex's approach and what impact might it have on the design and implementation of corporate level strategy? 5) In December 2013 Molex was acquired by Koch Industries. On the basis of your additional research, why did Koch acquire Molex and what strategy were they following in pursuing the acquisition? And how do you expect Molex to change under Koch?corporate level strategy?


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