What is the relationship between social media & cyber bullying?

Research Proposal Components 

Your research proposal will consist of six components (introduction, literature review, research question, methodology, data analysis, and bibliography). While the final proposal will present the six components in the order presented in the outline below, the actual process of writing a proposal often does not follow this exact sequence. Notice that component C—the research question—comes after component B—the literature review. The process of scientific research does not always follow this sequence; many times a research question leads to seeking literature to discover what research exists concerning an issue. Therefore, you will complete the six components of the research proposal in a different order than it appears in the outline below, by completing three distinct assignments. This may seem confusing now, but you will soon see that it makes sense to do it this way. In the professional world, when a research proposal is finalized and submitted for funding consideration (for example, to the National Science Foundation or other granting institution) it usually follows the structure of the outline below, regardless of the steps it took from inception of the idea to completion of the proposal. 

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