Answer EACH question with 300 words and 2 references EACH. 

I am providing some sites for research. Please utilize these and other scholarly references. 

1. What is the relationship between motivation and self-efficacy related to adult students? How does this affect teacher performance? ( 300 words and at least 2 scholarly references)

2. How can the instructional coach diagnose areas of improvement in teachers without the use of an evaluation? Share two examples of how you might execute this. ( 300 words and at least 2 scholarly references)

These links may help in answering these questions:

Read “Why Kansas is Developing Standards for its Adult Education Leaders,” by Zacharakis and Glass, from Adult Basic Education & Literacy Journal (2010). 


Read “Meeting the Challenge: Teaching Strategies for Adult Learners,” by Goddu, from Kappa Delta Pi Record (2012).


Read “Forms of Educational Activities that Enhance Self-Directed Learning of Adults,” by Kvedaraite, Jasnauskaite, Geležiniene, and Strazdiene, from Problems of Education in the 21st Century (2013).


Read “A Case Study of Constructivist Instructional Strategies for Adult Online Learning,” by Ruey, from British Journal of Educational Technology (2010).



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