250-word Discussion Board post APA format use References as well a bible Reference.


****What is the Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurrence? co-occurring mental health and illicit drug use disorders.

Write a treatment plan for Mark***what information that you felt was important about him that you gathered during the interview******* and suggest a possible diagnosis. Does Mark have any protective factors (family, social connections, etc.) that could be used as an asset in treatment? What areas would you target first if you were writing a treatment plan for Mark? Feel free to use the text, outside source, and/or Biblical references as well.



Here is the information that is needed about Mark******Mark is a 43-year-old white male that comes from a two-parent suburban family home. Mark father Stewart is a non-drinker however Mark mother suffer from alcohol addiction so much, so she had to seek treatment for her alcoholism. Growing up Mark was very outspoken and argumentative. Many people considered Mark rebellious. At the age of 17 years old mark began to smoke marijuana and drinking alcohol. Due to the His disrespect while living in his parents home Mark got into trouble for growing  marijuana he was also charged with a felony that was his first run in with the law however it wouldn’t be his last. Mark moved on to using cocaine once that didn’t get him high anymore, he moved on to smoking Meth. Due to depression and drug addictions Mark also suffer from multiple mental health issues. Mark became unemployed due to his drug usage he had become homeless for three years. Mark have lost all his teeth due to drug use, have bad liver, hair thinning and bad skin acne.

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