Chose TWO WRs from prompts given below. Each prompt is for 10 points. You will submit the WRs online. The plagiarism check will be enables and any submission in the range of yellow to red will not be accepted. I urge you to understand the concept and write in your own words. I am not looking for fancy language, but honest writing.
You need about 200 words to express an idea and supporting thought. You will need about 500 words to answer the prompts.

1. What is the difference between macro and micro theories. Use structural Functionalism, Conflict theory and symbolic interventionism to explain your answer. (Hint: Focus on the major assumptions of these theories to show how they are different)
2. What is the difference between positivism and anti-positivism? (Hint: First explain both concepts. Identify theorists who contributed to these concepts – then show difference)
3. Illustrate (give an example) how human behavior is shaped by social context by using the concept of sociological imagination. (Hint: Explain the concept first, then use an example to illustrate the concept


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