For each case, I will post three questions to dig deeper in certain aspects of the two required case studies. To get full participation credit, you need to pick 2 questions (out of 3) per case and post a well-developed answer for each. To get full credit, I expect your answers to be supported by information from the case, our lectures, and outside sources (when relevant). Please make sure you read the grading rubric below before you submit your posts. 

  • Answer a minimum of 3 questions out of 3
  • Each post should be 150 words minimum

Q1. What is Tela’s positioning and how well is it working?

Q2. Which of the four brand positioning options should Tela pursue? Which criteria are you using to evaluate each option?


Q3. What special challenges does Tela face as a second mover?


use link and PDF, use business words.

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