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Create A Teaching Philosophy: Integrated Approach

Purpose of this assignment: For you to develop a statement of your beliefs about your professional commitment to use as a guide throughout your  career.  


What is a teaching philosophy?  It is a personal statement about your evolving educational and professional beliefs.  The Integrated Approach should sound meaningful to you and that will be understood easily by the audiences with whom you will share this philosophy (such as future employers and your students, etc.). Areas that need to be addressed in this paper are


(a) Your motivations for teaching. What knowledge, skills, and attitudes are important for student success? What are you preparing students for? What are the key components?


(b) The methods you believe are best. What teaching methods do you use? What are these methods appropriate for your professional area of expertise? How do these methods contribute to your goals for your students.


(c) Your teaching goals, methods and strategies. How do you know your goals for students are being met? What assessment strategies do you use? How do you use assessments to contribute to students learning?


(d) Your creation of inclusive and culturally responsive environment(s). How do your own and students background, culture, experiences, etc contribute to your goals for your class environment? How do you account for diverse learning styles? How do you account for diverse perspectives?


(e) Statement of Commitment. What do you see as your role and responsibilities in your commitment to children? To families? To colleagues?

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