1. In your own words, articulate the relationship between natural resources and digital business. Consider the connection between the amount/ frequency of digital media usage by consumers of entertainment-driven websites.
  2. Make an inference: how would broad public knowledge and perception of the procurement, sale and wholesale consumption of coltan impact your digital brand and industry as a whole?
  3. Your opinion: if broad public knowledge begins to emerge, to what degree do you think big technology (i.e. Apple, Samsung, etc.) would then be willing to take an ethical stance on coltan mining?
  4. Make prediction: How could industry reduce or eliminate its reliance on coltan? In other words, is there an opportunity to innovate or disrupt with other forms of energy?
  5. What impact would this reduction in reliance have on the Congo, and even China? Think about this impact from a macro-level standpoint.
  6. Reflect: To what degree, if at all, will knowledge of coltan mining change how you will consume coltan-powered products?


minimum of 50 words each questions

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