Each response is 150 word min.

9. Describe your personal philosophy of leadership.

· What do you hope to accomplish as an educational leader?

· What core values or beliefs will you bring to the position?

· What characteristics and/or previous experiences had led to success?

· What expectations will you set for yourself and others?

· What example do you hope to model for faculty, students, and community?

10. Document a period of time spent in developing each skill. Provide a reflective self-assessment of your progress.

· Seeks to know and understand others

· Avoids interrupting others while speaking

15d. Write about the implementation of a one proposed solution to decrease discipline referrals and suspensions with students.

16. Describe the implementation process with school curriculum. Evaluate the process and note successes, concerns/problems.

18. Write a reflection on student motivation strategies.

20. Type a need assessment relating to strengths and concerns of the testing procedures and grading policy used. 

23. Discuss the role of the school concerning children responding to their parent’s divorce, single parents’ needs, and after school care.

34. Write a brief summary of the school district’s/school’s initiative’s in parent involvement .

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