#Texas senate district 9- 

Senate Kelly Hancock – navigate https://senate.texas.gov/member.php?d=9

Answer each section in 200 words.

1) Explore your state senator’s substantive representation (i.e. their values and positions on issues) 

a. Using the ideology information from the TribTalk page (navigate to https://www.tribtalk.org/2019/06/12/the-2019-texas-senate-from-left-to-right/ ) , compare your personal ideology to your state senator’s (4 pts). According to the ideology score chart, how conservative/liberal is your representative? (You can measure this by how far right or left they are from center and by comparing them to other state senators.) How does this compare/contrast with your ideology? Are you more liberal/conservative? Do you lean toward their party?

b. Using either your state senator’s bio page, personal website, or campaign website, identify your state senator’s position on a key issue (4 pts). What type of issue is it (social or fiscal) and does your senator take a liberal or conservative position (be sure to explain why)? What is your position? In your opinion, what should be done about this issue? Do you agree or disagree with your senator (and why)?

2) Now that you have an issue position, you should think about how to put it into action. 

a. Who in the government OR community should be involved? What specific actions can you (and others) take? Why is it important to get people involved in this cause and what will be the benefits of this action? (3 pts.)

3) Let’s assume that you are successful in your efforts, and you achieve your policy goal. Now it is time to assess the impact of this potential change. [PR3]

a. What do you believe will be the consequences of putting this policy into practice? (4 pts.) How would this improve your community, state, and country? What do you think will be the short-term effects (within the next year or two)? How about the long-term impacts (beyond 2 years)? Finally, what are some negative unintended consequences that might result from this course of action? 

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