Answer the following question based on the attached file

  1. Design Professionals
    1. What do design professionals get paid for? 
    2. Do they produce a product? Do they provide a service? If so, what is it/are they?
  2. After reading the article, Marketing Basics for Civil Engineers, find a website for a design firm you would want to work for. Analyze the three Cs and four Ps for that firm. Submit the link to the firm along with your analysis.  
  3. What’s more important for a practicing design professional, Profit or Technical Expertise?
    1. If you were to select Profit, explain your answer.
    2. If you were to select Technical Expertise, explain your answer.
  4. How does a design firm get work? Provide 3 methods and explain.
  5. Does a staff level designer have any responsibilities for marketing? Support your answer.
  6. Go online and find an entry level position. For your answer to this question, submit the job description and company for the position you found. Prepare and submit (as part of your homework) your cover letter that would accompany your resume when you apply for this position. We are not asking you to apply for the position you identified, but to go through the process of preparing a cover letter as if you were applying.
  7. Prepare your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for one of the following scenarios that your interviewer/potential client will remember you by. Keep it to less than three lines.
    1. You are graduating with your bachelors degree in less than a year. You have applied for entry level positions in your discipline. There are numerous other candidates for this position. You have to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. 
    2. Imagine yourself several years into your career. You have started attending industry events where you have the opportunity to interact and meet new people and perspective clients. You see someone from a company/agency that your firm has been attempting to add as a client. You see this as an opportunity to help your company make inroads with this potential client. How are you going to ?introduce yourself and make a memorable impression?

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