Please read Chapter 7 Case Study #2 on Pages 334-335

In your first response please address the following:

  1. What can you tell about hoe Kodak did needs assessment for executive education?
  2. What recommendations would you give Kodak for improving this analysis, and what type of training do you think should be done now?
  3. How would you go about evaluating the effectiveness of these educational experiences?  
  4. Do you believe that company profitability should be used as a criterion?
  5. Can more training save Kodak?   

    Assuming that a needs assessment is accomplished and specific learning outcomes have identified, feedback over time should be accomplished to determine whether the trainees can demonstrate the desired outcome whether it involves understanding or performing. Presumably if the needs have been properly identified, profits should result but conditions beyond the firm’s control (such as an upturn or downturn in the global economy) may limit the effectiveness of that criterion? 

In your second response, please comment on one of your classmate’s response.  

Do you think that your classmate should have included another factor? Why or Why not? 

Maybe you agree with your classmate, but for another reason that he or she stated.  If 

so, please explain. 


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