illustrate how you would address this question using one of the qualitative research methods covered in material provided from week 6 onwards ( e.g Focus group). You should describe what execution of this method would involve and require, what kind of data you are likely to collect and how this will be analysed. You will also address the advantages this method or strategy offers compared to possible alternatives as well as difficulties, weaknesses and limitations. Your commentary is expected to be critical and reflective, rather than simply descriptive.

To complete this assignment successfully you need to fulfill what is asked on these guidlelines.

I suspect that many of you are worried about what a sensible structure is,but hypotheses and sampling are less relevant now, and you have covered ethics so can include that.
1. Introduction
2. Research question (you probably will not have hypotheses because you will be using an inductive method)
3. Data collection technique (including a brief discussion of the sample and the technique used): ethnographic methods (e.g. participant observation), interviews, focus groups, recordings of naturalistic speech

4. Ethical considerations (if relevant)

5. Method for data analysis (ethnogrpahic analysis, thematic analysis, conversation analysis)

6. Conclusion

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