Creating an Annotated Bibliography

The final project of this course is an annotated bibliography. In this assignment, you’ll get the opportunity to create an annotated bibliography entryand receive feedback on your work. If you work carefully and follow the instructions provided in the “The Annotated Bibliography” document, you will produce an entry that will be suitable to use in your final project.  

Step One: Analyze Your Source (40 points)

Select one source that you have located and would like to use in your annotated bibliography. It should be a source that directly addresses your research question. 

Answer the questions below in complete sentences. 

1. What are the qualifications of the author or authors of your source?

2. How does the format of the source support its purpose? In other words, please acknowledge the purpose of the source and explain whether it is presenting original research, a topic overview, a first-person account or report, etc.

3. What is the main argument as presented in your source? Be brief and succinct.

4. What makes your source unique? How does it support or address your research question? Did you find the source well-written, clear, easy-to-understand? 

Step Two: Create an Annotated Bibliography entry (40 points) 

Now, create an annotated bibliography entry. Use your answers to the questions in Step 1 to write your annotation. Make sure to carefully follow the guidelines given in the “The Annotated Bibliography” document. Your annotation should be 100-200 words and written in an academic style. I encourage you to use (provided free to SUNY Canton students) to proofread and edit your work.


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