Pick a country of your choice (it could be any country for which sufficient information is available). Write a paper with the following specifications –
(i) Font: Times New Roman, size 12
(ii) Pages: only five (including the references) and typed double spaced

(iii) Margins: one inch (top, bottom, right and left), answering the following questions.
1. What are the country’s major exports and imports? How have these changed over the last decade?
2. Which are the country’s major trading partners?
3. What has been the country’s recent policy towards trade barriers?
4. Is the country a member of any Regional Trade Agreement? How has that affected the country’s trade flows?

You can gather information from a number of institutions such as: WTO, World Bank, IMF, UN, websites for individual countries etc. Bring in relevant information and analysis from news articles, magazines and journal articles.
Learn as much as possible and enjoy the project!
GRADING: The grade will depend upon a number of factors including the following:
a. the quality of your answers to the above questions
b. understanding of the matter, as reflected in answers
c. originality in writing
d. acknowledgement of references, etc.
SUBMISSION: The paper is due in class on the last day of instruction. For all the deadlines and a chance to revise and improve your paper, please see the details in the syllabus under ‘Opportunity for Revision’.
(IMPORTANT: Late assignments and assignments submitted through email will not be graded.)

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