Professional Development

Your textbook discusses multiple stages of development, starting with formal educational training, then continuing education, and on through practices of supervision and consultation. The stages of development could be compared to those of an apprentice, journeyman, and a master of a trade.

In your initial post to this discussion, identify at least two practices an ethically focused practitioner would engage in for each of these stages of practice. What are some potential challenges a practitioner might encounter at each stage of his or her professional journey? Cite sources from at least one of the professional codes of ethics and from the course text to support your post.


Evaluation and Accountability

Over the past several years, there has been an increasing focus on evidence-based practice and measurable outcomes for clinical interventions. Discuss why these concepts are important to clinical practice.

  • What are some of the ethical challenges that exist when there are no clearly defined outcomes?
  • How have managed care practices impacted requirements for measurable outcomes? 
  • How have managed care practices limited clinical interventions? 

Cite from at least one professional code of ethics and from the course text to support your post.


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