Choose a specific health behavior that you would like to set as a goal for yourself or for someone else, and develop a strategy or program for change.

First, briefly describe the specific health behavior you are addressing and why you are addressing this behavior (e.g., your own attitudes, societal norms, medical information, fear of future illness).

Next, briefly describe the behavior-change approaches and supports that you think would be appropriate to maximize the chances of success (e.g., cognitive-behavioral elements, operant conditioning or reward systems, self-monitoring, social support, etc.).

How should stumbling blocks be addressed? Assuming success, how would you prevent relapse?



Discussion 2 -175 word

What are some challenges (in terms of how to develop plot, theme, and character) that might be unique to the playwright? What advantages does a playwright have as opposed to one who writes poems or novels? What do you see as the most important elements used in writing and presenting successful plays? 


Discussion 3

Respond to these two student post and be constructive

Alex post

Some challenges that I could see in developing a play would be that the scenes have to be able to take place on the small set of a stage. So you are restricted on the setting where the story takes place. You also have to have a fast paced story to be able to keep the attention of the audience, and characters and a plot that are relatable to the viewers as well. I feel like play writers have an easier job compared to novelists because the stories are usually much shorter than those of a novelist, or a play will only contain a shortened version of a novel. Plays are easier to write than poems because they are very straight forward compared to poems and don’t require the viewer to analyze as much as a poem does. I think one of the most important element in a play is that it is relatable to the audience and tells a story in a way that keeps the audiences attention. It is also important that the characters are relatable and that the viewers take ownership of their story and can put themselves in the characters shoes.


Michael post

I have seen a good amount of plays when I was in High School and something I have noticed about plays is how it follows a straightforward path! 

If a play is meant to be a:

  • Comedy 
  • Tragedy 
  • Drama 
  • Whatnot

It follows the driven path and everything that is done will highlight to the theme/ plot of the play. The background characters, the lighting, the props such as trees, flowers, clothing, volume in which the performers speak and so much more. 

I have never seen a tragic play turn comedic at any point… I am not sure if that is even allowed (Could anyone imagine starting to tear up but suddenly, there was punchline in a joke?) Emotions shifts gradually and plays work upon the steady climb.

Important thing about plays is AUDIENCE

A play for high school students is different from plays seen in Vegas, Broadway or even Adult oriented cruise ships.

Challenges I witnessed my peers in drama/ acting class face before their plays was obtaining props required for the play. Not everything is sold in stores and some items sold in stores do not match the size, color or shape that is required for the play; therefore, a bit of arts-and-crafts skills will have to shine from volunteers.


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