Read Luther’s 95 Theses at the Internet Christian Library.

Martin Luther wrote these propositions in order to engage in a debate  with fellow theologians. How do the issues Luther present for debate  illustrate the problems in the Church of his day?  


 Focus A well-developed, specific, defensible, and relevant  thesis is articulated. The thesis statement thoroughly and completely  addresses the question posed. The thesis statement is highlighted in bold or italicized lettering.  Support Details in support of the thesis are well-chosen,  explained, and connected to the argument. They are presented in a  well-organized and lucid argument.    Subject Knowledge Student demonstrates an understanding of the primary source document and its place in the history of Western civilization.  Format A brief introduction and conclusion offer helpful summaries of the argument. 10   Mechanics Essay is the appropriate length (300-500 words), double spaced, and submitted in Word or Rich Text Format.  Style Basics Grammar, spelling and writing style is appropriate to college level work. 

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