Pick any two chapters in the Stulberg-Fuhrman text that more or less address the same subjects. Explain the different perspectives of each author.

Adam N. Stulberg and Matthew Fuhrmann (Eds.): The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security: (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2013). ISBN 978-08047-8417 -7

PART I Drivers and Patterns of the Nuclear Renaissance

Adam N. Stulberg and Mathew Fuhrmann, Introduction: Understanding the Nuclear Renaissance, pp. 1-18
Chp. 1 Bernard Gourley and Adam N. Stulberg, “Correlates of Nuclear Energy: Back to the Future or Back to Basics, pp. 19-29
Chp. 2 Allison MacFarlane, Where, How and Will Nuclear Happen? Nuclear ‘Renaissance Discourses from Buyers and Suppliers”, pp. 50-72
Chp. 3 Mathew Fuhrmann, Nuclear Suppliers and the Renaissance in Nuclear Power, pp. 73-976

Chp. 4 Adam N. Stulberg, Internationalization of the Fuel Cycle and the Nuclear Energy Renaissance: Confronting the Credible Commitment Problem, pp. 97- 123

Chp. 5 Joshua William Busby, Vaunted Hopes: Climate Change and the Unlikely Nuclear Renaissance”, pp. 124-153

Chp. 6 Christopher Way, the Politics of the Nuclear Renaissance: A Comment, pp. 154-176

PART II the Nuclear Renaissance and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Chp. 7 Stop Helping Me: When Nuclear Assistance Impedes Nuclear Programs, pp. 177-202

Chp. 8 Mathew Kroenig, The Nuclear Renaissance, Sensitive Nuclear Assistance, and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, pp. 203-222

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