Because you have been taking this course, you feel equipped to help your friend by suggesting I have tried using differentiated reinforcement with a token economy system. Design a plan using one of the differentiated reinforcement techniques and the token economy system. Support your reasoning for choosing a specific technique with one additional resource.

Using the differentiated reinforcement and the token system will allow the teacher to regain control within his classroom. Not only will the use of strategies and token reinforce positive behaviors for Michael, but for all students in the classroom as well. Michael is not only displaying the undesired behavior because he is looking for the teacher's attention, but he is also avoiding the tasks that follow the instruction. I would like to use a combination of both DRO and DRI. In my experience, I have found that combination of both works really well. I would start with DRO and then end with DRI. Over time, the student not only learns how to behave, but he or she is also rewarded for appropriate behavior. As far as the token system is concerned, the students may not be able to keep up with tangible tokens, so it may be better to have them carry a chart which records their behavior throughout the day. Therefore, the student has immediate feedback and there is no misunderstanding at the end of the day whether or not they are appropriate behavior throughout the day.

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