1. Trade secrets, copyright, and invention are the keystones to business protection and creative protection. Consider how cyberpiracy is impacting these keystones and how we can better protect our inventions and businesses.
  2. What are the necessary elements to form a valid contact?  Does it have to be in writing?  Why or Why not?

  3. When does a breach of contract occur and what are the remedies  available to the injured party for a breach of contact?  Discuss with an example.

  4. Should all contracts be required to be in writing to be enforceable? If so, how would that impact business? If not, how would that impact business?
  5. How does the U.C.C. help to keep business moving forward?

  6. How is the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) similar to and/or different from traditional Contract Law?

  7. What role does the government play with your rights to land use and/or any other use of real property?

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