A strategic management plan addresses the four primary components of the strategic management process: a) environmental scanning, b) strategy formulation, c) strategy implementation, and d) strategy evaluation and control. The individual assignments in Weeks 3, 4 and 5 are integrated to generate a complete strategic management plan.


This individual assignment (part two of the strategic management plan) is designed to help students with the following:


Define a mid-term competitive vision for the company selected by the student.


Examine competitive markets and value propositions for the selected company.


Evaluate a set of suitable corporate, business, and functional strategies (e.g., corporate parenting, globalization, vertical integration, strategic alliances, etc.) for the selected company.


Evaluate how proposed corporate, business, and functional strategies will affect the selected company’s current resources and capabilities.


Design appropriate organizational structure charts that illustrate the changes needed to realign the selected company.

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