Week 2 Discussion – The Condition of Education: 2013

Figures 1, 2, and 3 from the report by the US Department of Education show that the greatest amount of money spent in 2009-2010 went to students, instruction, and salaries while NAEP scores in reading have not shown a measurable difference in 2011 from the scores in 2009.


Look at Chapter 3, page 91, Section: Finance

Indicator 20: Public School Revenue Sources – Elementary/Secondary Education


Indicator 21: Public School Expenditures


Scroll down to P. 102, Indicator 23: Reading Performance (NAEP shows that student achievement in reading performance for 2011 does not show a measurable difference from 2009). Math scores did improve, however.


You have been asked to address the school board about the disparity between expenditures and test scores. 


(Please note that I did not provide the documentation from the textbook but I have provided three sample answers and if you bid on assignment and your bid is accepted, all you have to do is reword the sample posts to make it an original. And if you have any questions after your bid is accepted please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can provide more samples if needed.)


How will you justify to the school board that so much money has been spent with little to show in reading scores?


Someone from the audience wants to debate the fact that too much money is being spent on education and believes state funding for education should be under more scrutiny. How will you address this concern?

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