The way people use English is affected by the technologies available to them

Discuss, with reference to one or two examples

Guidance notes
There is material related to this question throughout Block 2, and you are free to select from older and more recent technologies in your answer. Units 9 and 11 look at spoken and written language practices in relation to technologies such as the postcard, email, fax machines and the blog, Unit 12 describes research into the use of texting and mobile phones, and there is a wealth of material in Units 14 and 15, especially Book 2, Chapters 7 and 8, and DVD 2, Clips 14.2, 15.1 and 15.2.
It will not be possible for you to cover all of this material in your essay; instead, you should aim to demonstrate a sound understanding of the general issues raised and to illustrate this with examples selectively chosen from Block 2. Remember that this block applies a broad definition of ‘technology’ including not only hi-tech devices such as computers and mobile phones but also much earlier inventions such as pens, paper and the alphabet itself. You are not expected to cover all of these in your answer. However, you should be aware that these provide a very wide range of potential examples for you to choose from.

worlds of english: communicating in english ( – The Open University

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