Develop your research question. What is it that you want to know? A good research question will tell the reader exactly what your study is about and help you maintain your focus throughout the research process.

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Part 2: Develop your survey questions. Stick to what you really want to know and be sure that your survey questions will get you the answers you need.

Part 3: Conduct your survey. There are many ways to gather data. You could survey people in your daily life, email your classmates (if possible), survey your friends using technology, etc.

Part 4: Write up your results in a report using the following format:

  • Introduction to the purpose of the study. Include your research question here.
  • Methodology: What are your survey questions and how did you collect the data?
  • Results: Put your data here in the form of a list or table.
    • Include appropriate proportions or means for the data.
    • Include confidence intervals for your data and what they mean in the context of your study.
  • Discussion: What conclusions can you draw from your data?

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