Vocation Paper

In many ways, this 2,000-word essay is the heart of the course. Students should give an account of their mission as it relates to the mission of the God who is Father, Son, and Spirit and has created, reconciled, and redeemed the world. Special attention should be given to the way in which your academic discipline or major fits with the Christian understanding of God’s call to his people. In developing the essay, you should consider the following questions and structure:

What does it mean to claim that God is triune and how does this bear upon human life?
How might the biblical teaching regarding creation help you understand what your prospective work is for in God’s world?
How might your work participate in creation’s rebellion against the creator?
How might your work participate in and proclaim God’s work to redeem and renew creation?
In summary, what is your mission and its relation to biblical theology?
While this is intended to be a personal and reflective essay, its primary academic purpose is to assess your understanding of the course and ability to apply this understanding to your life. So, please demonstrate your grasp of the course by engaging with the course material. The grading rubric (above) describes the general characteristics of an excellent paper (and not-so-excellent papers), be sure that you understand it before beginning to write your paper. Additional information is available in the introduction to Unit 15.

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